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How does butea superba feel

It feels great.

But actually, you do not feel anything.

And that’s how it is supposed to be.

Butea superba is not a drug like marijuana or opium. It’s not even a drug like nicotine.

You usually do not feel anything from hormones or hormonal modulators. From Andriol testosterone capsules, or testosterone patches, you also don’t feel much unless it’s manifold overdosed (at least 20 times). Even from the strongest anabolic steroids, Anadrol or Trenbolone, you won’t feel drugged.

What you do notice is more energy, especially during aerobic exercise such as cycling. And you will notice that you get angry more easily.

All of this also holds true for butea superba, though not quite to the extent that would be possible on Trenbolone.

So butea superba lowers the rage threshold. Maybe.

But for handling states of high-testosterone anger, lowering testosterone isn’t the only solution.

That anger doesn’t get out of control also depends on male maturity. A high-testosterone mature male attitude would be: I am surrounded by fucking idiots! Never mind! Let them be idiots! Much better than if they were smart.

No benefit in escalating arguments. That’s a mature male character. Things are bad. Don’t make them worse.

Aggressive emotions can be controlled through an appropriate attitude. Pious Christians are experts in this.

You feel normal on butea superba. Especially when engaged in sexual conduct.

You are getting aroused from intimacy with a woman. You react with a firm erection. The erection doesn’t collapse, why should it. There is a normal course of further arousal. You are getting closer to a climax. That’s normal. You are in good control of your reflexes. You can delay, because this is a necessity in order to satisfy your female partner. And then, in due time, you ejaculate. It feels very, very good.

Normal? Yes, of course. And an indication of good sexual and overall health. And then you think you don’t need the butea superba.

So you discontinue it.

And then?

You don’t get it up. And you lose interest in sex. And your erection collapses in the midst of foreplay. You just give up.

Next time you pop Pfizer’s Blue. At least there is blood flow into the vital organ. At least you can perform. Not much aroused, though. And a headache. And an orgasm you hardly notice. So many anomalies, why bother with sex.

OK, you feel nothing specific from using butea superba.

But you need it, nevertheless. Because it helps you to feel just normal.

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