Butea superba in a Thai forest
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We are the experts in sexuality enhancing herbals

Sumatra Pasak Bumi is a distributor of Asian medicinal herbs, with a focus on plant extracts that have been used for ages in Asia to enhance the sexual function and sexual pleasure of men and women. Our initial focus was on tongkat ali, which we have been distributing since last century. Our principal website is still named, and our company is registered as Sumatra Pasak Bumi (pasak bumi is the Indonesian name for tongkat ali).

We have later added kacip fatima (a libido herb for women), and sirih leaves, kayu rapat, and manjakani, three herbs for female genital care.

By and large, there are many more sexuality enhancing herbs for women (phytoestrogens) than there are for men (phytoandrogens).

We have scouted and sourced all over Asia, but the country richest in male-supporting biodiversity is Thailand. So it’s maybe not accidentally that Thailand has long been a paradise for men in other aspects than herbal medicine.

Apart from tongkat ali, which also was common in Thailand before it was depleted, this kingdom also features butea superba and grachai dam.

Thailand isn’t integrated into the Western World to the same degree as Indonesia. Thailand never was a colony of a European power, and doesn’t use the Roman alphabet, so scientific research into Thai ethnobotany was scarce. This, however has changed, and there is now solid scientific research backing traditional knowledge that butea superba and grachai dam can revive a man’s sex life, and make good sex extraordinarily fantastic.

We have distributed butea superba more than 10 years ago, but only as a sideline. Recent research has made it a necessity to put it on a track parallel to tongkat ali.