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Dosage information for our genuine butea superba extract (we do not stretch with Chinese sildenafil analogues)

I can only repeat: You should not underestimate the danger of tongkat ali or butea superba from Alibaba or Singapore (sold on Amazon). You could easily overdose and suffer a stroke. Genuine butea superba like the one we sell does not have a nitroglycerin effect like sildenafil analogues and even genuine sildenafil (this is why you need a prescription to buy Viagra). Genuine butea superba, just like genuine tongkat ali, stimulates hormonal and dopaminergic parameters, not hemodynamics. Even at 10 grams, you may just feel nauseated.

For capsules of 300 mg, we suggest 1 to 3 capsules three times a day. But on the first day, just use one single capsules. You never know whether you have a strange allergy. On the next day you can take three times 1 capsule. If you do not feel strange in any way, you can use normal dosage, which we consider to be 3 capsules three times a day. Best you take with meals.

This is not yet a maximum dosage. I can easily take double. For higher dosages, we recommend to use loose extract which you can mix into orange juice. When we ship loose extract in pouches, we also supply a small measuring spoon. A leveled measuring spoon is about 1 gram. I can do the math for you: 3 capsules are 900 milligram. Times 3 = 2.7 gram, about 3 levelled spoons. But as I said, I can take double.

But our butea superba extract is potent, and on some people, the libido-enhancing effects of butea superba extract can be profound. Before you start molesting women, or worse than that, reduce dosages. On the other hand, if you can manage the high libido that comes with high testosterone or dihydrotestosterone, this can be extremely rewarding. It can give you a new sense of what it is worth for to be alive. Only optimal sex like when you were young can give you this feeling.

Some people feel increased testosterone tone as a stronger heartbeat. If that applies to you: A stronger heartbeat in itself is not unhealthy. But it would be if this increased testosterone tone were to manifest itself as heart palpitations.

We know Thai men who consume 10 grams of our butea superba extract on a day, and swear by its virility enhancing effects. This, however, is not recommended if you don't have a history of butea superba extract consumption.

Please note that our product is a concentrated extract, not the cheap root powder commonly sold. Root powder is worthless.

In an effort which I consider window dressing, some large chains sell root powder with a description saying "full spectrum" butea superba. But some 98 percent of this full spectrum is just cellulose with a potential of gastric distress. After all, your digestive tract isn't laid out to process saw dust that even ruminants refuse.

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