How safe is butea superba for sexual enhancement, and human consumption in general?

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In my opinion, and I have been a user for years, genuine butea superba is very safe. I actually consider butea superba on the border between what is food and what is a medical herb. Butea superba tubers are the part of the plant we use for human health. We can categorize these tubers as the plant's storage containers of nutrients, just as the tubers of potatoes or cassava plants. Animals in the wild, like boars or rabbits, consume butea superba tubers as food. But even though we judge genuine butea superba as not a danger in itself, you should always be careful when it comes to commercial products. Genuine butea superba is fairly rare, and you can find it only in a narrow geographical location (mostly Thailand). Many cheap commercial products claiming to be butea superba are actually something else, for example sawdust spiked with the active ingredients of prescription drugs. And please be warned: these active ingredients are classified as prescription-only precisely out of justified worries about their safety. But definitely, our genuine butea superba is safe.

What is butea superba used for?

You can use butea superba as a nutritional supplement to support sexual health. We do not sell butea superba as a medication in the conventional sense. We do not characterize it as a treatment for any specific illness. On the other hand, we are convinced that optimal sexual health, including strong libido and powerful orgasms, tunes the body's immune system, which in turn improves general health, so some illnesses you could suffer of may not come up in the first place. As you can confirm in any Google search, the sexual health of many people in modern societies is impaired by low testosterone levels. Several scientific studies have shown that when butea superba is used for some time, your body may respond by synthesizing more testosterone. This then improves your libido and your sexual function.


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How safe is butea superba for sexual enhancement, and human consumption in general?


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